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Sugar has been linked with diabetes by global scholars and most imminent dieticians through extensive and rigorous studies.

The sweet poison is single handedly responsible for triggering tooth cavities, obesity, diabetes and many other life threatening diseases.

We believe in nature. Mother earth has a solution for all of our problems.

Stevia is that miracle sweetener. It is referred to as Madhuparni or Madhu Tulasi in ancient texts. Rather than loading empty calories like sugar, Stevia adds zero calories and zero glycemic index.

It does not affect blood sugar levels. Being antibacterial, it prevents tooth cavities. Now, caring mothers can use Stevia to satisfy sweet cravings of their little ones without worrying about their health issues.

Through some studies, Stevia has proved its anti-inflammatory, anti oxidant properties. It has shown positive health impact on hyper tension, high blood pressure and a few other coronary illnesses.

Unfortunately, obesity cases are exponentially growing. Sugar is the culprit. In 1990 the prevalent age of persons affected with diabetes was above 45 and nowadays this has dropped to 25 years of age. Unprecedented use of sugar in food products and beverages has also risen exponentially during the same period. This situation is causing tremendous load on healthcare budget for household individuals and also for institutions and government efforts.

We can stop this !

We at Absolute Healthworks pvt ltd, believe that we can tackle menace called sugar at early stage by replacing sugar from diet by Stevia sweeteners.

But mind well, majority of the Stevia sweeteners present in the market have artificial sweeteners present in it. It is bad for your long term health prospects. And they all have aftertaste or you know it as bitter taste.

We have launched Stevia sweeteners under the brand name Zelorie.

We promise you that we do not use any artificial sweeteners like Sucralose, aspartame or sachharin. Zelorie tastes deliciously sweet.

Zelorie products are available as Sweet drops and Sweet mix syrup. Drops can be used as tabletop sweetener. And sweet mix syrup can be used to replace sugar syrup from traditional sweets, confectionaries, and bakery and dairy products.

All you have to do is to ask yourself, is it worth still to keep eating sugar ?


Zelorie is ideal for everyone including diabetic persons, children and health conscious individuals.
Let’s change the world. Be a part of the greatest heath revolution.

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Organic 100% Healthy

All our products are organic, pure, natural & made with exclusively 100% organic ingredients.

Premium Quality

High Quality ingredients are the Single Most Important Factor in Making a Product Premium.

Herbally Made

The Products made by Absolute Healthworks are 100% Herbal and free from harmful chemicals.