Constituents of Stevia

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December 16, 2019
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Constituents of Stevia

Do you know what all constituents are present in a healthy Stevia leaf?

Dried extracts ‘Steviol glycoside’are white to slight yellowish, crystalline, odourless, slight characteristic odour, water-soluble powders.

Stevia extracts generally contain a high percentage of the glycosides of the diterpene steviol. Stevioside and rebaudioside A are the principal sweetening compounds and are generally accompanied by smaller amounts of other steviol glycosides.

Steviol GlycosidesShortSweetenessContent
Rebaudioside AReb A350-45032.00%
Rebaudioside CReb C40-608.00%
Dulcoside AD A40-601.50%
rebaudioside DReb D150-2500.60%
Rebaudioside EReb E100-1500.50%
Reb-A is the sweetest ingredient of all.

The Stevia industry has many solutions to balance the taste and costs. Thus you can find many different grades in the industry, from Steviol Glycoside 80%, to Reb-A 99%. They have the same common name stevia, but sweet taste and the price are so different. People should find the proper grade to meet their requirement.

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